The Durum Days

The Durum Days are a series of international events including all players in the durum wheat supply chain, with the goal of increasing information in the market.

The Durum Days are:

  • Systematic, fixed and repeated events every year;
  • Global, with the inclusion of relevant global players;
  • Timely, by bringing information at the right time and place.

Every year, in May, an international event organized in Italy will provide the first estimations about the upcoming campaign, based on the best information available globally.

In addition to the market analysis, the technical session will cover also R&D in the durum wheat production.

Following the technical session, a roundtable with the major players in the Durum Wheat supply chain will discuss current relevant topics.

At this Italian event, specific foreign missions will contribute to increase market informations.

These missions will be headed in relevant countries for the Durum Wheat market, current or in perspective.